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"AmBianceuse" means "One Who creates AtMosphere."

The word pays homage to an African fashion subculture called the sapeurs, or members of the Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes. Armed with impeccable manners and flawless sartorial flair, a sapeur doesn't merely attend parties. They are the event.

Ambianceuse travels the world collecting memorable experiences, like driving ATVs on Icelandic glaciers or bar-hopping in Tokyo's famed Golden Gai district. 

Ambianceuse is about discovering the artists that give every place its specific heartbeat.

Ambianceuse is about flying twelve hours across two hemispheres, and walking into your new local that very night.

Ambianceuse is about those bright days and endless nights that come to define the best parts of your life, as it is, now.

I'm Elva Ramirez. I spent 10 years at the Wall Street Journal.

Now, I'm Ambianceuse.

Contact: Hello { at } Ambianceuse.com.